Abbey Careford - Your teacher and guide

Namaste, I'm Abbey. Welcome to Yoga with Abbey, here's my journey into Yoga, Pilates and Reflexology.


I started practising yoga at the age of 19  whilst I was a professional dancer working internationally on stage and screen.  Around this time I met my first Yoga guru who changed my life.  She inspired me to develop my practise away from the ego and into my higher self.  I decided there and then not only to master Yoga and Pilates, but to share the knowledge and pass on all that I have learned.

I have now been teaching Yoga and Pilates for 16 years and have had the pleasure of instructing a wonderful spectrum of clientele, from children in schools to senior citizens and from expectant mums to celebrities.

As a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher  I love exploring  Vinyasa flow yoga and I also specialise in working with emotional wellbeing, the art of letting go. Releasing all negativity without question or diagnosis and simply learning how to manifest a wonderful life through positive thought and meditation. 


It is important to me that people leave my classes with a smile in their hearts and a tranquil mind. I teach all levels from beginners to advanced and look forward to you joining me in one of my classes.

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