Yoga master for 20 years

Teaching every age and style of yoga, creating bespoke classes to cater for all physical, emotional and mental health needs.

I am here to listen to the needs of your staff, yet sometimes when you mention yoga, your met with a responses of ” I’m not flexible, I can’t do that “

Over the programme duration I gently introduce them to the many wonderful healing elements that make our yoga practise so special.

I work with a variety of businesses from schools to offices to create a bespoke yoga programme to help everyone involved.

Below is an example of a 6 week programme I’ve run in the past.

  1. A deep understanding of the breath…to be drawn upon for moments of distress and anxiety and a relaxation that can be used daily to ease body and mind…as we bring our awareness back into the body and away from the overactive mind. This session could be worked anywhere from a chair or even in bed. ( 30 minutes )
  2. Moving now onto a mat, softly working through all the joints and muscles and incorporating the rhythm of the breath as we move, and ending with a relaxation. ( 45 minutes )
  3. Learning the fundamentals of our Sun Salutations and basic Hatha yoga postures. Finishing with a relaxation ( 60 minutes )
  4. Hatha yoga practise, relaxation and meditation ( 60 minutes )
  5. Hatha yoga practise, relaxation and meditation ( 60 minutes )
  6. Hatha yoga practise, relaxation and meditation ( 60 minutes )

A 6 week course is only £300, you just forward the link to HR, staff or students to be practised together or at home.

Be it teachers, students, care workers or in the forces, to care for the well being of your team is priceless! Uniting your team, as you let go of tension, stress and fear, together you grow as a community.