This is a Space I have been creating for over 20 years where we learn different techniques to nourish and heal, not only the physical form, yet all aspects of ourselves, mentally, energetically and emotionally.

As yoga is not about standing on your head or touching your toes, it’s about all elements of your being, flowing calmly in rhythm together and feeling happy in your skin and mind! 

Guided by the breath, the breath is the key, even though we all breathe of every moment of everyday, the breath has a power, that governs how we think, feel and react. 

You have the power to make these changes, all it takes is you making friends with your mat and dedicating just 15 minutes a day. 

With our world and lives changing so much in 2020, I brought The Inner Peace Rooms online. It started on Facebook as a forum to get my classes to my students (without all the hassle of codes and links). It’s simply grown from there, from students that have moved away, to students I’ve met on my global retreats.

The Inner Peace Rooms has given our freedom back! It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, what time of day you find space for your practise. It even caters to what mood you find yourself in.

As there is a vast menu of Wellness at your fingertips. 

Over 250 of classes to choose from! 
5 styles of Yoga ( all levels covered)
3 styles of Pilates ( all levels covered) 
Sleep hypnosis.

This can be at your fingertips for just £3.75 a week! That’s the price of a coffee! 

If social media isn’t your thing, you can now buy these classes individually and create your own routine from the video sessions. 

All practiced in the safety and comfort of your own home or if you’re traveling, you now never need to miss a class! 

You have 1 true possession in life… And it’s You

Take care of you x

To find out more about my exclusive group, The Inner Peace Rooms on Facebook and your 7 day free trial, with its daily classes, please follow the button below and get in touch!


Live Classes

Monday to Friday, they are 3 daily live classes.

6.30am – Pranayama (Breathing, meditation) and Mantra
7.00am – a 30 minute session of different yoga styles
10.00am – 30,45 60 minute sessions of either yoga or Pilates. 

The lives are a great way to give you that feeling of connection to me and fellow students, we can comment, ask questions and feel like we aren’t alone. 
Yet these classes can also be watched at a later time if work or life has other plans! And questions are always answered.

If you don't rise at 6.30 am, that's ok, the Pranayama classes ( breathing and meditations) can be worked at your leisure. These are The Most Important classes, as to learn the wonders of the breath, to notice the subtle changes in your mind and emotions Is The Key for Wellness and Mental Health!

Is the repeating of a saying, intention or Mantra 108 times. The ancient Yogi"s believed this help to create new brain patterns, habits and internal strength to the wondering mind!

Is a wonderful aligning discipline that reunites your original muscle patterns. As bad posture, injury and child birth can disrupt the muscle rhythm. It focus from your centre outwards, creating a solid foundation for your torso, limbs and head. Basically bringing your tummy in and home towards the spin, giving the support it was created to do!

Yoga means Union or Unite. To unite the body, mind and spirit ( or energy) together with the breath. The breath control also calms the emotions, which are usually the route to our reactions. By working as 1, the breath leads you in and out of the postures of the body or Asnas. So muscles, connective tissue, joints, organs, glands and cells all work together, letting go of tension, releasing dense energy and lifting the body from disease. The body, feels lighter, more supple and free, which has a wonderful impact on our mental health too! I teach 5 different styles of yoga each week, so if your a complete beginner or been practising for a while, there really is something for everyone!

This is my favourite, where we can snuggle into bed, or lay on your mat or even sit on a chair. We spend so much time filling our minds with information and and TV, that this can have an adverse effect on the optic nerves, worry, fear and uncertainty all make the mind and leaves the body full of stress. So in these classes, we relax the body, sooth the mind and drift off to an internal place of peace. The more this is practiced, the deeper you sleep, stress begins to melt from the body and the mind is eased away from "the fight or flight response" And let go!