Tracey, India Retreat 2017


Firstly 'thank you' for your time, dedication and devotion for making this yoga retreat a truly unique and magical experience, for me and everyone on this retreat with you.

You've put your heart and soul into this, its been the most wonderful opportunity to learn yoga with you friend do what she does best... its been so lovely to be with such a beautiful women and enjoy this time with you.

You are amazing Abbey and have filled me with pride watching you teach. Congratulations for making your dream come true and following your heart.

Namashe, Love you always.

Janette, India Retreat 2015

Dearest Abbey,

Wow what a wonderful 1st Yoga Retreat.

You have truly given all of your beautiful heart to us all. I have loved doing Yoga with you everyday. Its been great experiencing Yoga with the Indian teachers as well. Om shanti Om shanti Om Peace. Everyone will take home a piece of India in their heart chakra.

We have laughed, cried and made new friends. Special times seeing the elephants, dogs, turkeys and flying fish!

Thank you for being part of my life's journey.

Lots of Love.

Jodie, India Retreat 2016

To Abbey,

Well I arrived in India feeling 100 yeats old, tense, stressed and not at all connected to my boy or spiritual side. Thank you very much for helping me to feel supple and more flexible ( I will work on my hamstrings in daily life!) and more in touch with what my body can do. I also feel calmed and have a definite love for India!

I have enjoyed trying the different styles Yoga. I am now going to find an Astanga class! 

It was great meeting you and all your yoga crew. I'm sure this will flourish!

Thank you, Namaste.